Company Info

Ikon Europubs' goal is to bring the World's finest beer and cider brands to the Japanese market.

We specialize in authentic, premium products, each of which has a particular reason for its success in the home market or throughout the world. We recognize the value of quality and the importance of branding.  Therefore we go to great lengths to ensure these are delivered to our customers. Ikon Europubs actively market and promote as while all our products are recognized in Western markets, most are at their embryonic stages here in Japan. Hence, it is critical to make a good first impression!

Along with bottled and can products, Ikon Europubs is proud to be the importer of the widest range of draughts in Japan. We have the technological and logistical know-how to import, install and service even equipment not locally available. This is to ensure all beverages are impeccably delivered, resulting in a product as close in every way possible as in their home market. Not only do we put emphasis in product delivery, but we also provide the services necessary to ensure the best possible taste on an ongoing basis. We are on call around the clock to handle even the smallest query. As the official importer we represent some of the world's top brewing companies, working together to give brand and technical support. Our suppliers understand the demands of Japanese customers and that long-term commitment is crucial for commercial success. We work together with wholesale and retail partners who understand these fundamental principles of premium delivery, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

Since 1970, Ikon-Europubs has been part of the fastest growing segment in the Japanese beer market: imported premium. We hope to continue being a major influence in the developing tastes of Japan's beer drinking population, offering them a chance to enjoy drinks with the same passion as we have in delivering it.

We love feedback especially from consumers who appreciate our efforts in bringing beer in top condition from the other side of the planet.

Authenticity has it's price, but the appreciation we receive is well worth the effort!