The origin of Singapore’s award-winning Tiger Beer goes back to 1931. Tiger Beer has won admirers from around the world. From New York to London, Vietnam to Shanghai, the brew’s popularity now spans the globe, encompassing more than 60 countries.

Tiger has clinched a host of awards since 1939, including no less than 30 international gold medals in Paris, Geneva, Rome, Lisbon and Madrid. Tiger Beer’s consistent quality has earned it top honours at the 1998 Brewing Industry International Awards (BIIA) (World’s Best Lager Beer) and the 2004 World Beer Cup (Best European Style Pilsner).

Only the finest natural ingredients are used; no artificial additives are added. The Tiger Beer brewing process incorporates no less than 250 quality control checks – 50 more than most other beers – to ensure the smooth and consistent flavour which Tiger drinkers have come to expect.  The fresh flavour and mild aftertaste of Tiger Beer make it the perfect remedy to hot and humid weather, as of that in its homeland, South East Asia.

When served chilled, the silky texture of Tiger Beer turns crisp, providing a refreshing contrast to the spicier dishes of Thailand and Malaysia, while the malt and honey tones in the body of the beer are light enough to compliment even the most delicate Asian flavours.